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 Complaints and TCF

As part of TCF you need to be able to show:

  • that you recognise and deal with complaints systematically and fairly
  • that your customers are aware of your complaints procedure
  • how you use complaint information to improve standards where appropriate


Effective complaint handling - key benefits

The FCA has indicated that effective complaints handling is likely to reduce the need for regulatory intervention.

Also, bear in mind that consumers who are unhappy often don’t complain, but they do often take their business elsewhere - or tell others about their bad experience. By using complaint statistics to improve standards you have a strong chance of improving customer loyalty across the board – and of gaining new ones.

Tips, tools and links

The TCF Info tips and tools below are designed to help you:

  • check your current practice against FCA requirements
  • start implementing TCF principles in relation to complaints if you’re not doing so already

Bear in mind that TCF Info tips and tools are guides only – you’ll need to adapt them to suit the needs of your particular business.

Complaints procedures and tracking

Complaints leaflet and letter templates
These links will take you to a page where you can view the example letter and then download it for own-branding.