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 TCF Training

The FCA expects firms to be able to show how they are embedding TCF into the firm’s culture through training. 

In this section we offer tips and tools on:

  • training that’s directly relevant to TCF
  • training that complements and supports TCF
  • how you can use material on this site to help with your TCF training
  • keeping records of staff training

We also provide links to relevant training courses, which we will keep updated as new courses are announced.

Tips, tools and links

The TCF Info tips, tools and links below will help you meet the FCA’s twin requirement that you:

  • embed TCF into all areas/departments of your firm
  • are able to show how you are doing this through effective record keeping

Bear in mind that TCF Info tips and tools are guides only – you’ll need to adapt them to suit the needs of your particular business.