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Supporting intermediaries in treating customers fairly

At TCF Info our objective is to help intermediaries implement the FSA principle of treating customers fairly (TCF)..

We do this by providing independently commissioned:

  • plain English summaries of the FSA requirements around TCF and principles-based regulation
  • ‘case examples’ that highlight practices that will help you understand and implement the TCF principles
  • complementary ‘Tips and Tools’ checklists that you can download for free and use for training and/or as part of your business processes and/or to pinpoint gaps in your current practices which may put your customers at risk of being treated unfairly

To ensure that the content on the TCF Info website focuses on intermediary needs and remains independent it is managed by Frank Eve Consulting Limited, a leading independent strategic consultancy specialising in the mortgage industry.

TCF Info – listening to you

At TCF Info we are committed to shaping the website around your needs. We welcome feedback on any aspect of our site through out Feedback area. We also carry out regular online surveys asking for your views or concerns on specific topics relating to TCF or on the quality or scope of specific content on our site. Our surveys are always well publicised from the home page and results fed back through our quarterly newsletter. They are normally also accompanied by an incentive!

TCF Info – keeping you updated

We are well aware of the challenges of carrying on ‘business as usual’ while trying to keep abreast of regulatory and principles-based changes. We therefore commit to keeping you updated with changes relating to TCF in three ways:

  • email you ‘New Content Alerts’ to inform you of additions or changes to content on our website
  • provide a quarterly e-newsletter offering a round-up of TCF news and events, with links to supporting content on the TCF Info site
  • provide summaries and quick links to the latest issues affecting TCF and principles-based regulation in relation to mortgage intermediaries through our Hot Topics pages

If you’d like to receive our New Content Alerts and e-newsletter please Register with TCF Info. Registration is quick, easy and free. Note that we won’t pass your details to any third party.

TCF Info – ‘What the intermediaries say’

Here’s just a small selection of quotes we’ve received about our website from intermediaries who have registered with us. We hope they will inspire you to find out more and Register with TCF Info.

"Very grateful for this site as no idea where to start!"

"Website was excellent, but I'm still working my way through it. Really helped me get started on my TCF policy"

"At last a useful and informative centre for all things TCF!"

"This is a useful service to the intermediary community. Well done."

"First look at the new site and it looks good with clear navigation. Looking forward to receiving the updates in due course"

"Fab site full of really useful and easy to understand information"

"Very easy to navigate and find what you need. Have already printed off certain info i.e. Complaints Letters and TCF Statement"

How TCF Info has helped a small IFA/mortgage advice firm

Mortgage G-Force Limited is a firm of independent mortgage and financial consultants based in Stockport. It sells a range of mortgages on an advised basis, including sub-prime, buy-to-let, equity release and standard mortgages and remortgages. It gets much of its business through existing/repeat customers and personal recommendation. Of its five advisers, two are IFAs selling life, pensions and investments, two are Mortgage Brokers and one is an IFA and Mortgage Broker.  The company has three part-time administration staff, a Company Secretary and the Compliance Manager, Alison Hampson.

Using TCF Info for a gap analysis cross check

As Compliance Manager, Alison is responsible for implementing the firm’s TCF strategy. She first used the TCF Info website in early February 2008 when looking for information to help her check that Mortgage G-Force had everything in place to meet the 31 March deadline for implementation of TCF MI or equivalent measures. Alison quickly found TCF Info through Google search.

“I was delighted to find the TCF Info website,” says Alison. “At Mortgage G-Force we’ve always had robust compliance systems, and although I was confident about our TCF preparation TCF Info offered all the information I needed in one place to perform a final gap analysis cross check. The site is easy to navigate and the checklists ideal. I initially searched the whole site over a two-week period.  I viewed most of the links and extracted what was relevant. Areas I found particularly useful were the Tips and Tools and Case Studies.”
As well as using the site for gap analysis purposes, Mortgage G-Force used it to 'cherry pick' and review information on certain aspects of TCF about which they were unsure.

Adding value using free downloads

The firm has also downloaded and own-branded key ‘value added’ documents, such as the TCF Customer Statement which their advisers now include along with the disclosure documents and Fact Find in their compliant sales packs taken to the first client meeting. 

“When we met with the FSA in June 2008 as part of the TCF review in Manchester they were happy with our TCF procedures,” says Alison. “In addition, they were extremely impressed with the TCF Customer Statement document and singled it out as part of our TCF assessment as extremely good practice. All praise goes to for providing free compliant templates!”  Mortgage G-Force has now included the TCF Customer Statement on its website.  

Keeping up to date on TCF

Alison has now signed up with TCF Info at its free registration page to ensure she gets updates when the site changes and a copy of the quarterly e-newsletter. She also has an extra diary note to check the TCF Info website once a month.

TCF Info and Continuing Professional Development

Mortgage G-Force is also using the site as part of its monthly TCF Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

“I have downloaded the staff training plans and I am in the process of implementing them to give our T&C procedures more structure,” says Alison. “In the meantime, we have TCF CPD folders which contain TCF tests which helps evaluate our staff’s understanding of TCF. I also intend using some of the TCF Info Case Studies to help with T&C training.”

TCF Info – compliance support for small firms and sole traders

As well as acting as Compliance Manager for Mortgage G-Force, Alison Hampson is a self-employed compliance consultant for small firms and sole traders who can often feel isolated and need extra support.   

“For a small company or sole trader with little compliance knowledge the TCF Info website is an invaluable starting point for creating full and compliant TCF procedures,” she says. “I have already referred a number of my clients to the site as part of the mix of advice I offer them. The fact that it is free is a real bonus for them – and for me it adds value to the service I’m able to provide as I can tell them with confidence that they can use, download and adapt the information to meet their needs. One such client who received an FSA visit impressed them just as Mortgage G-Force had with his use of the TCF Customer Statement.”

Alison points out that as well as the Self Audit checklist and the main tips and tools checklists, the area on Preparing for a TCF assessment is especially valuable for small firms who’ve not yet been contacted by the FSA.

Look out for updates to our customer case study pages – we’re keen to share with you others’ experiences of using