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Client contact and disclosure Log

You can use or adapt this simple log to confirm contacts with clients and which documents you’ve disclosed and when. It will help ensure that you implement TCF and enable you to show the FCA how you are able to monitor disclosure.

To download this log for own-branding follow the link on the right-hand side or at the end of this document.

Customer Name:  _____________________________________________

Account No.  ________________________ Broker __________________

‘Keyfacts about our service’ sent (date):  __________________________

Fact Find completed & filed (date): _______________________________

Product suitability checklist completed (date):  ____________________________

Suitability letter sent: (date): ____________________________________

Contact history:


Contact Type
(Telephone, meeting etc)

Contact reason
(Sales, underwriting query, after-sales, cancellation, update, complaint etc)

Location of file notes


(To record further contacts please copy table to page 2.)

KFIs provided:





Date of mortgage Offer: _________________________________________

Date of mortgage Completion: ___________


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