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Record keeping - point of sale

In order to evidence that TCF was implemented at the point of sale you’ll need to keep records showing that:

  • the sales consultant fully understood the features and risks of the product
  • the customer fully understood the features and risks of the product
  • the product was suitable for the customer and they could afford it for the expected length of the mortgage (including accounting for possible interest rate rises)
  • the product recommended was the most suitable from the available options (advised sales) – ie the reasons for the recommendation
  • the customer received the right disclosure documents at the right times, and these were clear, complete and correct
  • for non-advised sales no advice was given and the customer understood they were receiving information only
  • where relevant, the customer understood that there was no obligation to buy any associated product
  • the customer understood how they were paying for the product or service, and the cost
  • the customer understood whether the product was chosen from one provider’s range, a limited range of providers or from the whole market

Under MCOB rules you need to keep these records for at least three years after the mortgage sale.

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